About Us

Barnyard Pets has been a low price leader in the pet supply business.  
We have been able to do this in several ways:

  • We are a family run business and we treat you like family.
  • We have the hardest working people in the industry.
  • We negotiate the best possible prices from our suppliers and pass the savings on to you.
  • We keep our overhead as low as possible. 

There are a few very curious ways of pricing around the industry
We live in the age of the Internet and Facebook.  Items on a website can be added or removed in just a few minutes. Prices can also be changed in a matter of minutes.  It is not like a published catalog that can be out of date before you receive it.  Like it or not we live in the era of instant communication.

When you see a website where instead of a price they say "Call for Pricing" or "Call to Order" you can be pretty sure that you are dealing with a company that has several websites and several prices on the same product.  If you are ever asked for a catalog number, or the website name, you can be sure that they have several prices on the same item.  These companies rely on the fact that most people are courteous and will not say "No Thank You" and hang up as easily as they would click off the website page and not place the order.  They are taking advantage of your courtesy as a way to get the highest price they can from you - the customer. I do not like this type of pressure selling and I'll bet you don't either. Do not put up with it - hang up and take your business elsewhere.

We do not hide our prices - they are always posted on our website. When you call us, the price is the same as on our website.  We think it is the honest way to do business.

Some companies price their products at the highest profit margin they think they can get away with - then they cover the over priced items by saying "We Will Match Anyone's Price". This shows they are trying to get top dollar for every product.  They will, however, match another company's price - but only if you - the customer - have done their research for them and you can prove that someone is selling the identical product for a lower price.  If they really wanted your business, they should have been honest enough to publish a fair price to begin with.

Many years ago, in order to combat this type of bait and switch pricing, we adopted this motto:


We have tried to reach a fair balance on shipping charges. Shipping charges are calculated in real time by UPS, Fedex and USPS.  The shipping is the actual cost from the shipping company's site, we do not add anything to their shipping charges. We do not have a minimum order size and we never charge a handling fee.

If you are looking for low, fair pricing, fast service and knowledgeable people who care, please give us a try.

We will treat you like what you are - a treasured customer and part of our family.